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Is Sasquatch in FarCry 5?

Updated: Feb 3

The beautiful Montana inspired landscape of Ubisofts Far Cry 5 looks like it could house a Sasquatch, but does the legendary Cryptid really exist in the game?

What is Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 is a 2018 first-person shooter game published by Ubisoft, and is the fifth main installment of the popular “Far Cry” series of games.

The game follows a rookie deputy as they attempt to arrest the leader of an armed and dangerous cult Joseph Seed. The doomsday cult named “Eden’s Gate” believe that they need to prepare for an apocalyptic and world-changing event they call “The Collapse”.

When the arrest is botched, the cult seizes their opportunity and sets about militarising their membership. The player as the rookie deputy must overcome the forces and bring down Joseph Seed and his lieutenants to save the day.

Gone Squatchin’

Dansky Cabin Location Far Cry 5
Dansky Cabin Location - FarCry wiki

Within the game, there is one mission that directly references Bigfoot. Titled “Gone Squatchin’” in reference to the colloquial verb “squatchin” popularised by FInding Bigfoot.

The mission is a “prepper stash” - an opportunity in-game for the player to gain some loot to spice up their arsenal to take the fight back to the cult. It begins in Dansky Cabin in the Whitetail Mountains region - ruled over by military man and eldest brother of the family, Jacob Seed.

Upon reading the mission information, the player is directed to follow the owner of the hut, Dicky Dansky, who believes he has tracked down the home of the legendary sasquatch.

The player follows the route taken by Dansky, climbing mountains using the grapple hook, and it becomes quickly obvious that the pursuit has not necessarily ended that well for Dansky. Blood can be seen, alongside what can only be assumed to be Dansky’s hat.

As the player gets closer, sounds of screaming and a deep guttural roar can be heard. Reaching the top, the player is able to retrieve the keycard to access Dansky’s house alongside a corpse. The player can then return to the house to complete the mission - punctuated by further roars presumably from the cryptid.

The Map

Bigfoot location FarCry 5
Bigfoot maps inside Danksy Cabin - FarCry Wiki

Upon entering the cabin, the player can see news clippings involving bigfoot, and a map indicating the location Dansky believed the creature to roam - incidentally not the location where he would ultimately find it.

This is unfortunately where the trail goes cold. The player can go to the location indicated on the map, but sasquatch does not choose to make an appearance. No matter how long you choose to stand around there. Which for me was a long time.

The real Montana - is it Squatchy?

The real Montana is known to have some bigfoot reports. The BFRO currently holds 53 reports in the state, dating back to the 1970s, right through to 2020.

The state itself boasts a wide range of landscapes, including mountains, forests and grassy plains - an eclectic mix that a resourceful bipedal ape could take advantage of.

He may not be in Far Cry 5, but you may well have more luck looking for him in the real Montana - just keep an eye out for Eden’s Gate whilst you’re out there!

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