About Me

Don your explorer’s cap, prepare your best wood-knocking stick, and hold your blurry camera at the ready - it’s time to go Squatching. 


Welcome to Freshly Squatched, a blog about Bigfoot, everyone’s favourite hairy forest dweller - after Chris De Burgh that is. To be more specific, the blog looks at recent bigfoot sightings, bigfoot encounters, yeti encounters, bigfoot theories, historical bigfoot sightings, the media and bigfoot, and all the bigfoot cousins, as wells as important, related topics when they pop up. 


As for your writer, my name is Ed, some of you may know me from my other blog, which is largely horror movie-related, but also a dash of the paranormal, and a delicate peppering of grizzly murder. Whilst i’ve talked about many different topics on, I wanted a specific place to talk about my biggest interest in the paranormal world; bigfoot and other ape-like cryptids. 

Whilst I am still unconvinced that any of these creatures exist, it feels a lot more probable than other areas of cryptozoology, ufology, ghost hunting, to yield a flesh and blood creature at the other end of study. I would, therefore, describe my official position as a cautious sceptic - I could be swayed in either direction, and I am open to hearing from each side of the debate.


With all that in mind, I hope you enjoy this new venture, and continue to enjoy if that’s your thing too! 


You can contact me at to share encounters, stories, questions, anything related to bigfoot, yeti etc.